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Best Magnetic Lashes That Work and Look Haute

I love a beautiful lash to amplify my glam. False lashes be quite difficult to apply especially if you need quick applications for on the go looks or if you have super curly or unruly lashes. Even a subtle lash adding length and deep contrast makes the whites of your eye look whiter and your face more youthful. I’ve tried different tactics to get that sultry lash look, from going through dozens of mascara bottles that promise a miraculous false lash effect, to constructing DIY devices to help apply lash strips. After gathering tips and tricks from girlfriends, and finally mastering the application of glue lashes, along comes a boom in the magnetic lash industry. I started seeing a handful of the magnetic lashes pop-up in the drug and beauty stores. I had previously given magnetics lashes a try during my early attempts to get any lashes on my eyes. Despite my desperate efforts, the lashes would fall off, not stick close enough to my lash line or just look…tacky. At last, I finally came across MoxieLash. At this point, I was quite comfortable with glue lashes— applying them at least three times a week. I had perfected my routine and gotten the whole glue lash process down to a few minutes, but that does not mean it wasn’t a pain in the tush! Open to a potentially easier and faster lash alternative, I ordered a pair of MoxieLashes and gave this magnetic lash brand a shot.

What Comes in the Box

My new lashes came in the mail quickly and I was just bubbling with curiosity to see if these would actually work in application. The lashes came in a sleek and sturdy magnetic box with a travel size magnetic liner and 30 individually wrapped, double ended, makeup removal swabs. Each lash was attached to the box by 5 small magnetic bars spaced out along the lash band. The lash bands appeared neatly constructed. A pet peeve of mine is when the lashes appear to have been bent or wrinkled in production and thankfully my MoxieLashes looked flawless and ready to flutter their way into the hearts of anyone in my six-foot radius! It was time to put them to the test.

MoxieLashes Are A Brand That Works

I started by applying the magnetic liquid liner to my lash line. I must say the substance was somewhere between a paste and a liquid—think magnet smoothie?? As I let the liner dry, following the instructions, I applied mascara to my bottom lashes. I then proceeded to apply the MoxieLashes in style Bossy. The lashes snapped right on and they looked good! I was able to easily adhere them right to my lash line and they stayed on all day into the evening. Of course, next I had to go and show everyone in the house. I popped them on and off all evening, about five times without reapplying the liner. After the fifth “oooh” and “ahhh” session, the lashes no longer wanted to properly go back on. I flicked off a few bits of liner from the lash strips and popped them back into their box. When it was time to wash the product off, I used my regular wash for makeup removal and was successfully able to remove all the product from my skin. Unfortunately, clumps of the magnetic liner remained in my lashes. I grabbed the pre-moistened removal swabs that came with the lashes and gave my lids a gentle rub, which seemed to do the trick. I would compare the product removal for MoxieLashes similar to removing glue lash product. For a first try, I am quite pleased with this cruelty-free lash extension alternative.

I Bought More…Much More

After a few more successful trials with the lashes I was ready to buy much, much more MoxieLash. I consider these lashes one of the best and highest quality magnetic lashes available with a price tag ranging from about $15-35 per lash style and about $40 for the liners.

I haven’t completely transitioned to magnetic lashes, but they have become a regular part of my makeup routine ­­— opting for magnetic lashes over glue lashes 50% of the time. I have now been wearing these magnetic lashes for 1 year and so far, haven’t experienced irritation or hair loss. I’ve worn them to sleep (tsk tsk) and even dared a low sweat workout with the lashes on and I must say they remained on my lash line quite impressively. As long as I applied an even coat of liner my MoxieLashes haven’t let me down. Whenever I wear them now, I apply the magnetic liner over my black liner of choice and the lashes snap on with such ease I rarely use tweezers to apply them anymore. I have even ventured into the MoxieLash gel liners available which has proved to be less mess with all the same magnetic magic. With the discounts and sales MoxieLash offers, I have accumulated quite a collection of stylish lashes. Over the past year I have broken one pair of lashes, with a magnetic band falling off during cleaning. Impressively, the other 8 or 9 lash styles I have are still going strong. I think it would be neat if a mirror was included in an on-the-go style lash box, especially because you have to keep the box for reuse. I am thrilled to see they have released lashes with now ten magnets rather than five, although my lash strips have always felt quite secure with just the five magnets per lash. I am always grateful when I can implement quick and easy tricks that simplify my routine yet vamp up my look and am certainly looking forward to new releases by MoxieLash.

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