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How To Care For a GinaCurl Curly Perm After You Leave The Salon

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I started this chapter of my hair journey with type 4 hair and have since changed my curl pattern with a #GinaCurl curly perm. After multiple GinaCurl treatments, this is what I’ve found to be most important in the immediate after care. In those first 3 days, after your GinaCurl, the steps you take to maintain your curls are going to be so important if you want your GinaCurl to stay looking good. I love that this curly perm treatment is low maintenance in between appointments, but in the first couple days it’s going to take a little TLC to ensure smooth sailing until your next salon visit.

Curls Need To Set For 3 Days

In the first 3 days the curls are still setting, so any stretch or compression of the hair will reform your curls. This can be similar to the experience with texturizer. You will not want to style your hair into braids or ponytails during this time. At GinaCurl servicing salon, Hair’s Talent, they often suggest that you have a spray bottle handy during that first day. This is because you will probably need to retouch you curls throughout the day. Water will let you reforms those curls and keep them frizz free in those first 72 hours. I tend to scrunch my hair the first few days after my treatment to make sure all the curls stay in smooth formation all day. After that time period, I personally don’t use the scrunch method to style my hair, but that’s just personal style preference.

Sleeping On Your Hair After The Appointment

When you go home from the appointment, you’ll need to sleep on your face. Yes, it’s horrible for your skin and wrinkles (whew) but two nights on your face will ensure your curls look good and keep their form until your next appointment. I am not the neatest sleeper so I can say it’s not the end of the world if you flatten some of your GinaCurl in your sleep, but it is very important in those first couple days that you try to keep the curls intact. Waking up early may be necessary to wet the hair and reform the curls by scrunching or twirling and letting it air dry curly.

Style Your Hair Now, How You’d Like It Later

As the curls set, this is the time to really style your hair how you will like to wear it. This will make sure your curls are defined and rounded. Once your hair has set, it will be hard to change any curl patterns that you may be unhappy with. I like to book a styling session after the treatment for the most flawless curls. If you like slick baby hairs, in those first 72 hours would be the time to slick your baby hairs down, even if you’re not going anywhere.

Planning Events Around Your Appointment

I strongly would not recommend planning any special events in those first few days. Your hair will still be setting and frankly behave very strangely in those first couple days. My hair reverts back and forth between tighter and looser curls during that time. It gets a little crazy. You will need to make sure your hair stays in neat, un-stretched curls. Right after the appointment, you do not want to be wearing any head pieces like a graduation cap or tiara, and you certainly will not want to find yourself at venue where you cannot quickly dampen and refresh your hair. I find it best to schedule my appointment at least 1-2 weeks before any important occasions and give myself 2 weeks minimum before any travel or water activities.

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Day 3: Time To Condition

72 hours after the GinaCurl, you will need to condition your hair. I only ever use GinaCurl Replenishing Treatment on this day. This is the only time I will ever suggest co-washing your GinaCurl. Anytime after this, it will be important to shampoo your hair before you apply matter how tempting a co-wash sounds on those gorgeous locks. There’s a time and place for co-washing and a GinaCurl head is not it.

Day 7: Smooth Sailing

After conditioning on day 3, you’re almost home free. At this point, I start brushing my hair like normal again and I’ll add a humectant or water-based moisturizer like Cantu Leave-In Conditioner and oil to style my hair. I still avoid pulling my hair into styles for one week after my GinaCurl but I have put my hair under a wig, and done tight styles at exactly one week with no issue.

After one week, it’s smooth sailing with the GinaCurl. I moisturize my hair anywhere from every 4 days to every 2 weeks depending on the humidity and how I have been styling my hair. I also like to make sure my hair touches water every 4 days to 1 week to minimize drying but also limit hygral fatigue from too much water exposure.

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