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Are you a blogger? Are you a social influencer? Interested in modeling or being a brand ambassador?

We appreciate your interest in joining Eleventh Karma LLC Affiliate Partner/Brand Ambassador Program! We encourage you to read about our available opportunities and ensure you understand the expectations to choose the right opportunity for you.

Personal Discount Code

Want more KarmaKash! Register a discount code for at least 10% Off + 8% KarmaKash Commission from every order subtotal purchased using your code. Don’t forget you can use your code too!


Step 1: Register using the email you intend to start your KarmaKash balance under or already have KarmaKash under.

Step 2: Pick a Name/Nickname/Word you would prefer as part of your code.


Step 3: Once you receive your confirmation with your New Official Discount code you can send or promote your DISCOUNT code to whoever you want and start raking in the Kash!


Please note Do Not Share Your KarmaKashCode! This is your earnings for you to spend!

Only Share your Discount Code.


















Register Discount Code

Your Affiliate Info Will Be in Your Email Within 48 Hours!

At this time Discount Code Registration

may only be completed from the desktop site.

Send Yourself the link to fill it out later! Copy>

& Email

Ambassador Submissions

Get ₭ash Back From Your Order


Step 1: Drop your Instagram photo, slaying (or just of) your new (or old) Eleventh Karma fit, and tag @EleventhKarma on the post.


Step 2: Send us a screenshot of your post and your order number for Kash back.


It’s okay if you do not remember your order number, but you MUST use the email from your order. Correspondence and KarmaKash will only be sent to the email associated with your order.

*You can screenshot and email or you can email your post directly from Instagram. Follow the tutorial below or view on our Instagram Highlights if having trouble viewing the media below.


Step 3: Get The Moneyy Honeyy! Upon verification you will receive 10-50% KarmaKash in your email (Per Post for one Item.)

  • You can receive 10% back on ALL of the items from your purchase however each post verification submission will only credit ONE item.

  • If not specified which item, the post is dedicated to, the highest priced item will be credited.

  • You may post different pictures or the same picture, as many times as you’d like, to receive credit for all items in the photo however you must submit each post for verification.

  • You will be credited 10% of the value, at time of purchase in KarmaKash, ONE time per item.

  • Grow With Us! Higher quality submissions may be subject to greater credit return. All verified submissions will receive at least 10% back. 


Submission of a post may take a few days to verify and for your KarmaKash balance to update. Be sure not to delete the post/tag until your KarmaKash has been updated otherwise the submission will be void and the verification process will have to be restarted, from step one.  Do not resend the post unless 7 days have passed with no update. Multiple submissions of the same item post may delay your verification process.


Verification is up to our discretion, but no worries we’re not looking for picture perfect models or world famous influencers as long as your post isn’t negative or bashing it should be credited! Slander, Defamation, etc. from the individual’s social brand directed towards Eleventh Karma LLC or affiliates will discredit verification and may void any standing KarmaKash balance. Returned merchandise will void credit towards the returned item.

Learn More About Karma Kash


Welcome to the club!

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